About James Pakootas


James Pakootas is a motivational speaker, recording artist, producer, an event coordinator, a community organizer, a youth mentor, and an activist in substance abuse prevention.


He is an influential Native American leader and an enrolled member of The Colville Confederated Tribes.  He perceives his mission as follows:  “If I can influence one life; If I can reach one soul, or challenge one mind to think about the choices they make before they face similar consequences I have, then I’m walking in my purpose.  We’re given one life to live, and it’s the quality of our lives, and the manner in which we live that truly begin to matter when searching for inner happiness.”


“I’ve experienced some of the most extreme consequences for the choices I’ve made in life.  Substance abuse quickly turned into alcoholism and drug addiction.  Through my addictions, I held myself, my family, and my community in bondage for close to twenty years.  Criminal behavior quickly turned into jail and prison time, but it wasn’t until my friends and family began to walk out of my life, that I decided to change.  That day was January 13th, 2017, and I’ve been clean & sober ever since.”


He has created a meteoric rise as a natural, community leader and has built a reputation rooted in honesty, compassion, and trust since the day he decided to surrender, and step away from his life of addiction, trauma, and heartache.  Multiple tribes and school districts have sought after his public speaking abilities and captivating life story.  He’s worked with numerous programs and tribal government agencies to coordinate events, educate, and raise awareness toward the magnitude and seriousness of addiction in our communities, in an effort to encourage and implement widespread system reform.  He has become a valuable resource and possesses a natural gift to spark creativity and positive change in the world around him.  Reach out now to find out how James can connect with you.


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